1.What is the maximum depth that your steel building can span?

Our buildings are engineered to span from 9 meters up to 40 meters clear span and further if needed.

2.How to protect steel structure frame from rusting?

There are two methods:2 layers(30microns+30microns)auti-rust coating and hot-dip galvanized.If the house is near the coast wesuggest using galvanized solution,cause it can last longer.

3.Is it easy to install a steel building?

It is not so difficult to install this kind of steel house building,  we will guide you with an installation instruction drawing, the construction is a simple bolt-together process, and you just need a crane of about 20ton to help with the installation work.

4.Why does wind speed affect prices that much?

For most of the steel structure buildings, we design wind speed is about 110km/h. But for some strong wind countries,110km/h is not enough, like the Philippines and Mauritius 150~280km/h windspeed need to enlarge the beam and column, that will use more steel on it  then increase the price a lot.

5.What accessories do you provide for customizing steel buildings?

Along with the wall and roof insulation systems, we also offer skylights, commercial-grade ventilation devices such as roof turbine vents and wall louver vents, rolling doors, and double sliding doors.

6.Is it beter to add a brick wall to my metal building?

Yes,it is.The brick wall can be moisture resistance and also fire resistance. 1~3m high brick wall combine the metal sheet or sandwich panel will be durable and look nice.

7.What kind of steel sections you can produce?

For the steel building mostly we make Q235B and Q355B H beam. That includes standard section and customized section(also call Tapered section). The customized section may use less steel, because it is just one end bigger, not like the standard section with two ends same size. But will need production time and need more labor cost. 

8.Which making method is better for a steel building? Standard section or customized section?

They belong to two different designs and show different appearance by using different sizes of steel. For large span buildings with strong wind districts usually use customized sections, cause proper shape can make structure stress evenly, but you can make safety durable steel structure building in both of these two sections.

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