9855 ㎡ steel structure warehouse
9855 ㎡ steel structure warehouse
9855 ㎡ steel structure warehouse
9855 ㎡ steel structure warehouse

Area: 9855 square meters 
Weight: 351 tons
Wind resistance: 137km/h.
Anti-seismic: 8 grade
Roof dead load: 25kg/㎡
Roof live load: 40kg/㎡

Philippines belongs to monsoon tropical rain forest climate, high temperature, rainy, high humidity, and many typhoons. Our client has high requirements for wind resistance, he wants to build this warehouse using a prefabricated steel structure method. We designed two wind speed solutions(137km/h and 250km/h) for his reference. After careful consideration, he finally chose the cost-effective solution of wind speed 137km/h.

In the early stage of the project, our engineers(Engineer Zeng. and Engineer Xu.) flight to the construction site in the Philippines to do the site investigation. We learned that the ground on the site was not on the same level, and there was a 40-degree inclination. Therefore, we suggest that the client use different high size of the cement pier to build the foundation to match it on the same level, so that the steel columns can stay at the same level.

This solution will shorten the production time cause if all the columns are the same size, that will be easy to press and produce. And the steel frame is also easy to install at the site, easy to fit all the pre-fabricated steel structure.

After the finished the production, our engineer(Engineer Liu)was sent to the construction site to guide the installation work, he got along well with the local workers, two months later, the installation work was completed successfully, our client was totally happy with us.


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